Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ellen's visiting!

Ellen and Jim are coming up from Sacramento and I want to make them a real Pacific Northwest lunch. This is what I'm thinking: It's fall and the chanterelles are just about at the end of their season (it's been raining), I bought a handful of soggy ones yesterday. I have kale and leeks in my garden, the fall salmon is running (I'm hoping to take them out to Kennedy Creek to see the salmon running), I'm watching a little brown bird eating huckleberries in my front yard, and it's the weekend before Thanksgiving. I am starting to form a menu in my mind: mushroom-kale soup, locally caught and smoked salmon, squash stuffed with savory Thanksgiving style dressing, and a dessert with huckleberries or apples and pears.


  1. Kate, I'm sure my daughter Ellen and her husband will love the lunch. You put such thought and creativity into it--- and no meat! I hope you have a lovely day with them this Sunday.
    Sister Carolyn

  2. Hi Kate,
    Did that compote have huckleberries in it? It was delicious!
    Thanks again for the great meal.